The Art of Dressing

September 17, 2007

cufflinks_large.jpgDress With Style
Looking well-dressed is not just about beautiful garments, expensive brands or the latest trends. It is about how you put your look together, how you wear your clothes and accessories.

The image consultants at IMAGO IMAGE in Singapore are fashion experts who will guide you on how to dress to impress. They understand the concepts of style, bodyline, color and wardrobe. IMAGO IMAGE fashion consultants give you comprehensive, authoritative advice on combining your apparel for an attractive, polished look, whatever your fashion direction, whether casual or formal, for work or for play.

Discover the Art of Dressing
An IMAGO IMAGE Art of Dressing consultation, talk or workshop is conducted by experienced style and fashion consultants. Learn from fashion experts. IMAGO IMAGE fashion consultants will teach you how to create an attractive outfit; how to combine fabric prints, colors and textures; how to discern clothing quality and fit.

Learn what to wear for different social and work occasions and for travel; how to dress appropriately and how to decipher those baffling dress codes—casual, smart casual, semi-formal and formal wear. Your personal fashion consultant will teach you how to dress for your build, height and figure-type according to the principles of clothing line, scale and proportion. Your fashion consultant will give you individualized advice on how to dress to flatter your figure; how to disguise your figure flaws and how to enhance your positive features so that you can always look attractive.

Pick up fashion tips from your fashion consultant on dressing for different climates, on how to pack for travel, how to look a million dollars in a bargain basement garment, how to accessorize, and much more. IMAGO IMAGE fashion consultants will give you the skills to dress to impress.

teampix.jpgDress for Success
IMAGO IMAGE The Art of Professional Dressing offers business professionals invaluable information on how dress to impress on the job, for interviews and in business social situations. Improve your business image; learn how to dress appropriately and look professional for a job search, a job promotion or to reflect the corporate image of your company. A polished, sophisticated appearance gives a favorable impression of competency and trustworthiness, equipping you to achieve your professional objectives. IMAGO IMAGE fashion consultants offer specific advice on how to dress for career success. Following a consultation, shop with an IMAGO IMAGE consultant for on-the-spot advice on suitable apparel.

IMAGO IMAGE Art of Dressing Courses
IMAGO IMAGE fashion consultants bring you their knowledge and expertise on the art of dressing in individual consultations, group talks and corporate workshops. IMAGO IMAGE Art of Dressing and Art of Professional Dressing courses are conducted by fashion experts and give comprehensive, specific advice on how to dress attractively to complement the figure, as well as your lifestyle and job. Choose from the following modules:

The Art of Dressing

  • How to dress to impress.
  • How to put together an attractive outfit.
  • Dressing for your build and figure type.
  • How to dress to flatter your figure.
  • How to camouflage figure flaws.
  • How to combine fabric prints, colors and textures.
  • Discerning clothing quality and fit.
  • Clothing formality: definitions of casual and formal wear.
  • Dress codes: appropriate clothing for different occasions.
  • How to match shoes, bags, jewelry, glasses and other accessories.

The Art of Professional Dressing

  • How to achieve a polished, global business-like appearance.
  • How to dress for career success
    - looking professional, able and reliable appearing successful and in-control
    - dressing for promotion
    - dressing to attract respect and attention
  • How to match jackets, suits, shirts and ties and blouses and scarves, shoes, hose, bags and other accessories.
  • Business dress codes: understanding business casual and business formal wear
  • Interview dress codes and how to dress for interview success.
  • How to dress appropriately for work.
  • Dressing for travel.
  • How to support your company’s corporate image with your dress.

The Art of Professional Dressing is also included as a module within the Communicate and Dress for Success: Executive Package designed for corporate workshops.
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